so let the sunshine in


May 26, 2010

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still i wonder why it is
i dont argue like this
with anyone but you
we do it all the time
blowing out my mind


like a star

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its 0200hrs and im bawling my eyes out after coming across an acquaintance’s journal,
they broke up after 5 years.

why am i such a sucker for this.



May 24, 2010

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what do you think of monogamy?

screw that.


how true May 21, 2010

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tho i dont see how the ‘actual problems’ are actually problems



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10th may was hearbreaking and heartwarming at the same time.
one came from the northeast to the west, the other came from 1485 miles away.

then, there was nothing to be upset about.

im really goddamn thankful.

then again, i feel rlly guilty they came down to meet me just cos i was upset.
reminder to self: dont call friends when v upset. i really need to learn to manage my emotions better anw.



we create, not compete. May 8, 2010

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its really nice to know my friends are doing well.
im really happy for them.
be it getting into nus or getting awesome jobs tht pay 2k or getting exempted from ns or finding the love of your life.
this calls for a celebration.


May 6, 2010

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butterflies in my tummy
oh boy youre so yummy