so let the sunshine in


hey presto February 20, 2013

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aaaaaannnndddd i was righhtt.
expectations and disappointments should not be part and parcel of this.
so im backing out im backing out.
it’s only a matter of time before we arrive at splitsville.
cest la vie.


little broken hearts February 18, 2013

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ms jones on repeat.
getting to my bones and all.
i was never cut out for all this jazz (it’s a pun if you didnt get it)

replying an email to a dear friend and i was thinking, hell i am now not capable of expressing myself to my other half but here i am grinning and letting this whole situation slide by when it comes to my friend.

if it was my other half in question, i would sure give the significant other a hard time.
why so, i ask myself?
i dont know why.

relationships sucks.

oh correction, im the one who suck at relationships.



hangat hangat tahi ayam February 14, 2013

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too apt.
no better way in english to describe how i feel abt the current situation right now.


a dance with dragons February 6, 2013

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And we try to do faithful
But didn’t get far
Now all we’ll be left with
Is 4 broken hearts
I tried to erase you
But didn’t get far
Enough away from you
Because you still can break my heart

ms jones on 27th.
4 broken hearts indeed.
time to be travelin on and take my happy pills before em lacrimal glands act up again.

(haha forgive me for the puns puns puns.)