so let the sunshine in


August 23, 2010

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‘whatever it is i will need a good wing woman that night..
i wanna practice my pickup skills:)
But dont worry.. Im not gonna throw you 1 side..
I jus wanna get smooth with the ladies:)’

how can i not love this son of a bitch.


August 20, 2010

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unexpected phone calls = ♥

im all ready to take on the world now.


Protected: August 16, 2010

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i actually find it draining to be around people sometimes.
yea,that includes family and friends.
i prefer to eat alone, walk alone, dance alone, talk to myself, laugh to myself.
ikr,im such a social hermit.
i would love to live in my own world, but unfortunately the world love to judge.

no not that i dont enjoy the company of people around me.
just that sometimes,i prefer to be alone.



everyday is fuckin perfect, its a paradise

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dramatica mujer August 13, 2010

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hyperemesis disrupted my life the past 2 weeks,but alls well now i guess. :)
still wambling on the bus tho. oh the feeling sucksss:(

but on a brighter note,
you,sexayy thang, brightened up my day.
oh they can call it blandishment for all i care, it doesnt really matter,
what matters is you’re there.

L,get ready to pop a bottle for me in a few months. ;)