so let the sunshine in


best advice ever. June 30, 2013

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do what you want now for time doesnt wait for you.

can i just hug whoever that is watching over me right now.
you make me wanna craiiiii every night.
holy fuck this is too surreal.


bring me back to september June 28, 2013

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and now i can relate to how she feels.
the need to break away from all the negativity.

im at a farm now and im taught to move the growing pumpkins to a different area of fertile soil to allow it to grow bigger.
the pumpkins are getting bigger each day and not moving it will only inhibit it’s growth.

and i think that’s what’s happening right now.
sometimes we move because we need room to grow.

i also recently read this and it was more enlightening than ever.



que sera, sera. June 21, 2013

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just 8 months ago, we were sipping (or rather gulping) mojitos by the beach, talking about the wonders of our own lives.

8 months later, here i am in europe about to do something crazy and there you are in barcelona with a teaching stint.

life is really full of surprises indeed. (‘:


oh i have fallen in love

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this trip has been too fucking amazing.
more good things to come.
too many signs even from my most rational friend who texted just because of a gut feeling.
funny how the universe works. (:

your thoughts become things.


June 11, 2013

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just as i expected.
what you resist, persist.
so yeah.
sad but what the fuck. im flying to europe in 2 days so…
so long bitchess.

à la prochaine


“i think we are all jaded”, she said.but June 5, 2013

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“i think we are all jaded”, she said.

but why does it have to be this way? i wasn’t ‘jaded’ 14 months ago.

it’s sad isnt it. it’s sadder than im blaming ___ for all this.

an old friend said he wasn’t surprised im feeling this way. he reminded me that i get bored easily and im always looking for something new.

but is boredom a validation to leave?

meanwhile, seeking solace in civil wars.

life of an agnostic? haha

haven’t you noticed me drifting.

oh let me tell you i am.