so let the sunshine in


March 24, 2014

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and it just happened again.
wheres the assertiveness when theres a need for it.
fucking cunt.

ah breatheee.
it’s no longer my concern.


March 22, 2014

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one photo and a warm fuzzy feeling radiate through my entire being.
and i like feeling this way because it gives me hope.
hope that true love exists.
that my better half is somewhere out there.
that life’s lessons come in many ways and that you cross paths with others for reasons that you’ll come to appreciate later on in your life.

for now, i just have to learn to cope.
this shit will pass someday and i will be grateful then.

it’s been a long time since i felt this happy.
it’s been way too long.


where she walks, no flowers bloom. March 21, 2014

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you think our relationship is a joke.
you think you understand and know me, but you dont.
you think im stupid and ignorant enough not to notice. but i did.

u want to play? fine by me then.
just like you, everyday i will pretend that everything is okay.

everyday i will greet you with a smile.
because that’s what im taught to do.
because you are human too, and we err.
but i will never forget, nor forgive.
and maybe one day you will pay for all the lies. but not today and not through me.


spring equinox

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and it’s time.
brighter days ahead.


March 17, 2014

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today is one of those days.
days when you don’t feel like doing anything but just drown in your own sadness that you’ve made up just to feel something.


ldr March 16, 2014

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Kiss me hard before you go
Summertime sadness
I just wanted you to know
That baby you’re the best


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everyday i wake up feeling a certain rage building inside of me.
and i’ve come to realised im not as noble as i would like to be and that i’ve become more judgemental than ever.

my whims and wants are increasingly difficult with each passing day and there are moments when i wished all these troubles would float away somehow.

when i tell myself to find beauty in little things i see(just like how i used to) and when i share these little fragments of beauty, you shrugged it off because we don’t share the same perspective.

I used to think flowers are beautiful and I used to take photos of them, study them and draw them.
I become more aware of the functionality they serve in our chain other than being a visual treat and with time, I am less awed or rather immuned to the splendour of their beauty. But I have not forgotten.

At this point of my life, I find myself appreciating the value of close companions in my life and also in others.
I no longer spend days admiring a beautiful flower wilting or blooming but give me tragic love story anytime and you’ll find me with a box of tissues.

I’m not entirely sure what to make of this change in me, but at this point I’m blaming ’em hormones.

anyway the point of this whole rant is, I just find it hard to share my opinions/thoughts with my other half cos we are at different stages of our lives.
She’s only started with the fascination of blossoming flowers while I’ve come to know of the beauty of it shrivelling up as well.