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maybe im better off by myself July 31, 2010

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at the bottom of my maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and from the bottom of my heart. July 28, 2010

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when your celeb crush gets embroiled in sex scandals, what dyou do.
watch the video of course.

anw, i dont get with whats the big fuss over this.
human beings(and animals,for that matter) engage in sexual intercourse
(and no im not saying this cos im his fan or im a fan)

your mom and dad had sex to have you.
do you see the media kicking up a big fuss?

ok,so maybe pre-marital sex is against the norm over at your side.
but lets face it, im sure thousands or millions over there are doing the same thing(whther or not they tape themselves)
and youre just in denial if you say you dont know,
cos how can you miss the tons of videos uploaded to the internet each day, yet single out his pron video to charge him.
the rest were just fortunate enough they arent celebs and lucky enough not to get caught red handed.

so,who are we to judge.
dont be too extremist(and hypocritical).
cos if anyone happens to find pron of you, ill make sure you get skewed just like wht you suggested for him.