so let the sunshine in


adult gigs March 25, 2010

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why am i not surprised


you make it easy March 23, 2010

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<3 katie


2:37 March 13, 2010

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damn, this girl is hot.


Protected: ill miss you when i wake up. March 9, 2010

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i love you more when you keep quiet. March 8, 2010

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1) i feel thankful knowing everythings gonna be okay

2) using google translator to read ngsm’s blog cracks me up. really damn funny, cos she sound damn retarded

3) i didnt receive the phonecall i was expecting for. which means, ahahahahhahahha!

4) kay, i should work in a bakery.

5) sentosa again pls pls pls.

6) there’s a reason why things happen this way.

7) and the reason is absolutely not _________________

8) contemplating whether i should go back and vohlentiyer. the spirit of vohlentiyerism, is it still there in the organisation?


March 5, 2010

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when i am upset, i dont really know what to do.

because when i am upset, i lose the ability to think coherently.

so most of the time, i just try to ignore whatever thats making me upset.

but when i ignore, people think i am not upset or affected by those things that make me upset and they go on w it.

and it only makes me more upset.


blink March 4, 2010

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i dont see what i can feel. if vision is the only validation, then most of my life isnt real.


feeling damn lucky and blessed!

most of the time, i do things based on instincts and feelings.

dearest friend said that it may not be bad thing aft all.