so let the sunshine in


time doesnt heal, it’s all a lie. January 26, 2014

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came across sth by accident.

i guess im still as foolish and naive as i was 2yrs ago.
not sure hw im gonna deal with this now.

lucy & maryjane, where are you guys when i need you the most. )):



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i cant help but think abt her name etched on your collarbone.
how do you feel when you look at yourself in the mirror everyday, just to be reminded of what everything used to be.
what you thought you couldnt live without, is now nothing more than just a splotch of ink on your skin.


January 24, 2014

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lately ive been losing sleep
dreaming about the things that we could be


January 23, 2014

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note to self: we dont compete, we create.


January 17, 2014

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im losing it.
and i can only blame myself.

maybe it’s the pms talking but i actually feel suicidal.


January 4, 2014

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it’s 3.15am and i’ve been tossing & turning in bed thinking abt us.
there’s only so much i can tolerate and i’ve reached my boiling point. i don’t rmb feeling more jaded and frustrated than this.
maybe because i really thought it was going to work out in the beginning but now it seems like i dont even know you any more.

im sorry but this is not what i signed up for.
i look for transparency and honesty in a relationship and there’s none of that coming from you.

we can drag this on forever if you still wish to be in denial.
i’ll wait (patiently) for you to come to your senses.
and when you do, i hope you remember more of the good memories we share than the bad.
i hope i have made a difference in your life as you did in mine.

que sera, sera.