so let the sunshine in


April 28, 2013

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and be the noble one.
at so many point i wanted to blow up and rant. but i thought what’s the point. some things are never gonna change. if it’s meant to be, it’ll be.

might just be the toughest decision
i had to make. but it’s all for the better.
everything will be better.
even if it means..

now breathe.


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Do not fall in love
With people like me.
people like me
will love you so hard
that you turn into stone
into a statue where people
come to marvel at how long
it must have taken to carve
that faraway look into your eyes

Do not fall in love with people like me
we will take you to
museums and parks
and monuments
and kiss you in every beautiful
place so that you can
never go back to them
without tasting us
like blood in your mouth

Do not come any closer.
people like me
are bombs
when our time is up
we will splatter loss
all over your walls
in angry colors
that make you wish
your doorway never
learned our name

do not fall in love
with people like me.
with the lonely ones
we will forget our own names
if it means learning yours
we will make you think
hurricanes are gentle
that pain is a gift
you will get lost
in the desperation
in the longing for something
that is always reaching
but never able to hold

do not fall in love
with people like me.
we will destroy your
we will throw apologies at you
that shatter on the floor
and cut your feet

we will never learn
how to be soft

we will leave.
we always do.

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April 27, 2013

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scenes of himym replaying in my head.
quotes frm ted and barney mindfucking me.


April 25, 2013

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and so my ex colleague is married and pregnant.
she met the love of her life while travelling. quite a fairytale isnt it. (:

even though we dont keep in touch often after she left, im really really happy for her. (‘:

now off i go to watch some hilarious videos before my lacrimal glands act up again.


clearing my gutters April 21, 2013

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saw this post on fb today abt implications of social media.

so it’s nt tt i dont give a fuck about the boston explosion(maybe i really dont. oh yes call me heartless you hypocrites.)
but i cant agree more on how we should take a step back before believing every piece of news u hear on fb/twitter/etc etc.

so clear your gutters yall.


sleeping satellite April 14, 2013

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Did we fly to the moon too soon,
did we squander the chance in the rush of the race,
the reason we chase is lost in romance.
And still we try to justify the waste for a taste
of man’s greatest adventure.

And when we shoot for the stars
What a giant step
Have we got what it takes
To carry the weight of this concept
Or pass it by?
Like a shot in the dark
Miss the mark with a sense of adventure.