so let the sunshine in


March 27, 2013

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“i don’t want you to choose me cos wanting me should never be a choice”


possibly the best and worst day of the week March 20, 2013

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dear universe,

thank you for fucking up my week and making all the people around me fall sick.
thank you as well for the supa awesome immune system that i am blessed with and so of course im the one covering all their shifts.
and then thank you for surrounding me with all these kind beautiful souls when i thought the end was already frayed.

fuck you universe but mostly thank you really,
from the bottom of my heart.



banished to the depths of hell March 10, 2013

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oh how wonderful to wake up to an email that reads this

Just dropping by to say I had a dream of how much of a bitch you are/were.
Keep it down sweetheart.

you have no idea darling.
no idea at all.
on a serious note, i think yes the bitch meter has been escalating these days.

oh i will get my karma.
in the meantime, you either deal with it or gtfo.

(very angsty post i know but hey, i need to let off some steam alright.
cant wait for bkk.
maryjane and friends, here i come.)


March 2, 2013

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im sorry im not sorry