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ne pas cesser de croire September 17, 2012

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and so last night i received a text message.

“Mas, you awake?”

i knew right then from the first message that sth was wrong.

what i heard from her afterwards brought tears to my eyes and boy, that caught me by surprise.

i crept into bed weeping, startling my other half which ensued a string of “are u ok?” for the next 15 mins or so.

i’m okay, i thought but damn those lacrimal glands just won’t stop.

i spent the next few minutes tryna analyse and break down my train of thoughts.

i guess i feel she doesn’t deserve to be treated this way though you may say work is based on merit.

such is the harsh reality of life. 

for her to make such a painful decision, i cant even bear to imagine how heart wrenching it is.

you might not reap what you sow after all and you will get disappointed at the end of day and start questioning yourself why the hell are you there in the first place.

maybe it scares me that she’s come to the realisation after close to 2 years being at the same place.

and i began to question myself, “what the hell am i here for?”

the reason came quite quickly and simply. to quote an amazing guy i met in thailand, “this is just a ticket to the rest of world”

i dont think i will stop what i am doing anytime soon cos i love what i am doing and the perks that come with it.

i feel empowered that my bosses allow me to grow at my own pace and maximise my own potential.

i guess this is where law of attraction comes into place once again.

never once, have i felt or visualised myself leaving even though it gets stressful at times.

i always tell myself that stress is good. it pushes me to be better and better each time.(tho i fucking hate deadlines and shit)

i told her she’s good at what she does and it would help just to look on the bright side.

how i wish she knew, that she’s actually amazing and to see her lose her zest in life is just sad.

but perhaps she’s swallowed her pride too many times and can’t afford to take another blow.

i honestly hope things will work out for her though we may not be bestest of friends.

i hope she sees what her loving partner of 6 years,who still have not stopped loving and worshipping her, sees in her.

i hope she finds that glimmer of hope once again in her life again and her well-deserved happiness.



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