so let the sunshine in


November 6, 2011

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it’s quarter to eight in the morning and i really should be doing some work right nw.
but i guess the reason why i am procrastinating (aside from the lazy bug tt dwells in me permanently),
is cos i am thinking about you.

i kept thinking about what you said about putting an end to relationships once you think that it is going nowhere.
i asked what you meant by that and you said there is no point in carrying on anymore if it doesnt allow you to grow in any way.
and this got me thinking, what kind of growth are you looking for actually?
i find it selfish that you got into this for your own personal ‘growth’.
did you not love her like she loved you?
how many times do you have to fall in and out of love before you find ‘the one’?
how many hearts do u have to break before you finally attain the growth youre looking for?
all these at their expense. it’s selfish, dont you think?

i personally think all these heartbreaks can be prevented if you hadnt use the word ‘love’ so freely.
it disgusts me that you are falling in ‘love’ with someone else while your girlfriend across the world is staying faithful to you.
it is even more appalling when you try to justify your inexcusable actions with statements like, ‘i know it is not fair to her,
which is why i havent break it off yet’
now now, who i am to preach about the matters of the heart.
im not exactly the best person to go to for relationship’s advice or neither am i any sort of role model in an exemplary relationship.
but, i think it’s fair enough tht i come with a disclaimer to anyone who wish to have a piece of me, a piece of my heart.
what happens after, no matter how heart wrenching, was already all expected.

but no, you my friend, gave all these girls hope. hope that you would be there forever.
that they were the only one in your life.
and even after it ends, you still linger in their life. some of these girls unfortunately, still cling on to that glimmer of hope and belief that you will return to them.
dont get me wrong P, you are lovely. but how i wish youre less of the casanova that you are.


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